Departmental Bulletin Paper 生涯学習講座「諷刺画の歴史 -諷刺画が描く近現代と諷刺画の役割-」
Report on the Overview of Society and Media in the 20th century in Cartoons
ショウガイ ガクシュウ コウザ フウシガ ノ レキシ : フウシガ ガ エガク キンゲンダイ ト フウシガ ノ ヤクワリ

茨木, 正治  ,  イバラギ, マサハル  ,  Masaharu , Ibaragi

19 ( 2 )  , pp.27 - 31 , 2016-03-01
This report was on the overview of society and media in the 20th century for the first extention course of Tokyo University of Information Sciences in 2015. With massification of mass media,political and editorial cartoons on newspapers and magazines during this period painted a vivid picture of mass man in the Western and Japanese mass societies, on the one hand. But massification has weaken the impact of cartoons because they did not satisfy the expectations of diverse needs and desires of reading audience. The power of online media has been uncertain as to whether or not it makes cartoons rivival.

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