Departmental Bulletin Paper 都市構造の改革と集約型都市の実現
Reform of Urban Structure and Implementation of Intensive City
トシコウゾウ ノ カイカク ト シュウヤクガタ トシ ノ ジツゲン

笠原, 祥平  ,  岩本, 俊彦  ,  カサハラ, ショウヘイ  ,  イワモト, トシヒコ  ,  Shouhei, Kasahara  ,  Toshihiko, Iwamoto

19 ( 1 )  , pp.49 - 58 , 2015-09-30
Directionality of argued urban policy welcomes a refraction point with Panel on Infrastructure Development in Japan, coming to the society recognition as the urban society. Viewing the urbanization age that the national most part is resident in a city, which are not correspondence to expansion in the city, these policies are changing from the development balance of a country is into a basic strategy aiming at securement of diversity, promotion of cooperation and improvement of accident ability to respond big, and planning for improvement of the quality of the urban function.Under the vision of such urban policy of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, we are viewing measures and problems that the continuation is considered and achieve a possible compact city.

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