Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学初年次留学生対象日本語科目におけるプレゼンテーション教育の授業設計
Course Design of a Presentation Skills Training as a Japanese Course for First Year Foreign Students at a University
ダイガク ショネンジ リュウガクセイ タイショウ ニホンゴ カモク ニ オケル プレゼンテーション キョウイク ノ ジュギョウ セッケイ

茂住, 和世  ,  モズミ, カズヨ  ,  Kazuyo, Mozumi

19 ( 1 )  , pp.13 - 27 , 2015-09-30
We provided.presentation skills training course to utilize PowerPoint for first year foreign students The students were medium to advanced-level learners of Japanese. The goal of the training was to prepare slides of high visibility with logical content and structure for easy to understand presentation. As such, learning items were selected to develop the skills of examining content and preparing materials. The training course consisted of 15 lessons, which were grouped into three units. The Add-on process design method was used to design the course. At the end of each unit, slide preparation with different patterns of content and structure was assigned. The order of the learning items, as well as the volume and content of the assignments, was arranged so that the sense of burden associated with the training was reduced without sacrificing the sense of effectiveness..questionnaire survey at the end of the course indicated that many participants gained confidence in operating PowerPoint and preparing slides; they also experienced.sense of development through completion of the three assignments. We examined this practice against the Instructional Design theory and determined that this practice was an instructional activity that conformed to the conditions of the theory.

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