Departmental Bulletin Paper 新任保育者へのサポート体制に関する一考察 ─保育士へのアンケート調査を通して─

須永, 美紀

In this study, a questionnaire was employed to examine the support system for newly appointed childcare workers at the childcare facilities at which they are employed. The results revealed that childcare workers receive a great deal of support associated with “daily childcare,” “human relationships in the workplace,” and “the working system.” In particular, more than 80% of the facilities provided support in the following areas: provision of childcare in association with a senior childcare worker; sharing of information regarding children among childcare workers; and cooperation among child care workers. This indicates that there is a system in which colleagues cooperate with each other. However, newly appointed childcare workers mentioned difficulties; these included: “Although I’m told to ask a question, I don’t even know what I don’t understand,” and “I hesitate to ask questions even when my senior is supervising me.” Therefore, it is proposed that while preparing a system for nurturing newly appointed childcare workers, the challenge is to consider the type of support to be given according to each worker’s sense of difficulty.

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