Departmental Bulletin Paper 『現代こどものうた名曲全集』(二訂)における 中田喜直・小林純一の共作 ─オノマトペの表現に着目して─

葛西 , 健治

Yoshinao Nakada (composer) and Jun’ichi Kobayashi (poet) are editors of GENDAI KODOMONO-UTA MEIKYOKU ZENSHU (Masterpieces of Japanese Contemporary Children Song) (2nd Edition). They put 11 pieces of collaborative works in the album. The 9 pieces of those include onomatopoeia in a text. I analyzed all of them, and found the following characters about their way of expression of onomatopoeia : 1) Plural poetry includes the onomatopoeia in a title. 2) Plural poetry completes the last of the stanza clause in onomatopoeia. 3) Dynamics marks (of music) emphasize onomatopoeia. 4) The most high-pitched tone of the melody is set on onomatopoeia. 5) Articulation (staccato in particular) is added to onomatopoeia. 6) Onomatopoeia serve a function of an image of the whole music.

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