Departmental Bulletin Paper こども理解を深めるためのカウンセラーと 協働した教育相談活動への一考察 ─  スクールカウンセラー、保育カウンセラー、多機関との連携  ─

石川, 悦子

Within complicated and diverse society, the problems faced by infants, children and students are also diversified, including but not limited to non-attendance at school, problem behaviors such as bullying and violence, children’s poverty, children abuse and developmental disorders. In view of these serious situations, in recent years, several laws or regulations related to children’s support have been established and enforced. It is important to improve the schools’ function by establishing a “team school” system in which schools and faculty members collaborate and share the roles with professional staff from psychology, social welfare and so on. In this paper, we will overview our efforts so far from introduction of school counselor, along with the trend of the number of deployment, and then clarify the actual state of the support system carried out by each prefecture. Furthermore, in order to deepen understanding of children and enhance support, we will introduce case examples where faculty staff, school counselors (SC) and school social workers (SSW) cooperate each other at the educational site. Based on all above, it is aimed to make recommendations on future team correspondence together with consideration of the points to be noted about support putting children at the center of.

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