Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育実習における「印象に残った場面」の記述内容から見えてくる 「振り返り」の実態

齊藤, 多江子  ,  今井, 麻美

7pp.25 - 34 , 2016-03-11 , こども教育宝仙大学
 The aim of this study is to clarify how “reflection” of training experience, through the descriptive content of “the impressive scene” in childcare training. The author analyzed 141 students' record in detail. The results showed the following things. 1) There is a student who don’t get the opportunity that reflect the practice of self, find the problems and connect the next practice. 2) There is a student who get’s the opportunity that have a change of perspective for the phenomenon, through reflect the practice of self. 3) For it suggested it, it's important to reflect on the viewpoint of the child's understanding.

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