Departmental Bulletin Paper 保育者養成における音楽授業科目に関する一考察(2) ─本学の 1 年次秋学期から 2 年次春学期までの器楽関連科目について─

葛西, 健治  ,  伊藤, 仁美  ,  今川, 典子  ,  多賀, 洋子  ,  嶋田, 陽子  ,  眞田, 千絵  ,  林, 英美子

7pp.13 - 24 , 2016-03-11 , こども教育宝仙大学
This article succeeds Ito, Kasai, others (2015). It pointed out the curriculum comparison with the junior college era for the following subjects: “Music Seminar (Advanced)” fall semester 2014 and “Music Instrumental Seminar (Fundamental)” spring semester 2015. As a result, instruction of the piano music was more continuous now, and it was proved to be performed thoroughly, and it became clear that inexperienced persons and beginners of the piano grew up steadily. In addition, keeping and improvement of the motivation for the piano acquisition become the problem that is more acute than the junior college era. Therefore invention is taken in the every turn of the curriculum. One of the invention is use of “Lesson Card”, our original teaching material. This was introduced for the first time for spring semester 2015. About the effect, we must inspect it from now on. As a matter of course, we assume its improvement. This study is going to be final on the next article. This is because “Teaching Methods for Musical Expression” which is a main subject of our curriculum is over in spring semester 2016. In the next article, consideration of "Teaching Methods for Musical Expression” will be main. Furthermore, we consider the relation with “Vocal Music” or “Eurhythmics”, and we push forward the comprehensive consideration about our curriculum of music education. It should become the collected studies.

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