Departmental Bulletin Paper 都立庭園の管理経緯と都立庭園ガイドボランティアの誕生
The Establishment of the Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Guide Volunteer from Tokyo Metropolitan Garden Management Course
トリツ テイエン ノ カンリ ケイイ ト トリツ テイエン ガイド ボランティア ノ タンジョウ

菊池, 正芳  ,  濱野, 周泰  ,  Masayoshi, Kikuchi  ,  Chikayasu, Hamano  ,  東京農業大学大学院農学研究科環境共生学専攻  ,  東京農業大学地域環境科学部造園科学科  ,  Graduate School of Ecological Symbiotic Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture  ,  Department of Landscape Architecture Science, Faculty of Regional Environment Science, Tokyo University Agriculture

61 ( 1 )  , pp.39 - 47 , 2016-06-20
There are currently 9 metropolitan gardens under the authority of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. They are all gardens that have been designated as cultural property by the nation, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, has managed them directly. However, from 1997, management of these gardens was entrusted to the Tokyo Park Foundation. At that time, the Metropolitan garden guide volunteer system was created by the Tokyo Park Foundation. By 2015, the Metropolitan garden guide volunteer system had been introduced in all Metropolitan gardens. Emphasis has been placed upon repair and maintenance of the facilities under proper management as cultural assets. Faced with this situation, there was a move to launch an organization called Metropolitan garden guide volunteers. The purpose of this study is to clarify and consider this history. We discuss the actual condition of facilities management and operational management from the opening of the Metropolitan gardens to the present. A literature review of the administration plan, such as the council to be involved in the legal system and the Metropolitan gardens related to garden management, enabled classification of Metropolitan garden creation and exploration of the background situation of this period, concerning Metropolitan garden use, age of garden facility renovation, separation of facilities management and operational management. In addition, this study revealed the history of the establishment of the Metropolitan garden guide volunteers through the transition of facility management and operation management.Publication of cultural assets show not only the cultural assets themselves. The wider value of communication also includes the deeper meaning of gaining the understanding of many people. Metropolitan garden guide volunteer system was established in order to advance cooperation with citizens, and public activities to make the best possible use of the garden through a wide dissemination of the value of such a cultural heritage.

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