Departmental Bulletin Paper Imperial Progress to the Muromachi Palace, 1381 : A Study and Annotated Translation of Sakayuku hana

STAVROS, Matthew  ,  KURIOKA, Norika

Sakayuku hana is the official record of Emperor Goen’yū’s 1381 visit to theMuromachi Palace, the residential headquarters of the shogun AshikagaYoshimitsu. The document, most likely authored by the elder statesmanand former imperial regent Nijō Yoshimoto, is a testament to Yoshimitsu’sattainment of sweeping influence at court and mastery of imperial protocol. Itis also a rich source of information on elite etiquette, ritual, and the materialculture of medieval Japan. This study and full translation marks the first timeSakayuku hana has been critically examined in any language.

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