Departmental Bulletin Paper インド地方都市におけるイスラーム関連写本図書館案
A Practical Research Guide to Islamic Manuscript Libraries in Regional India

石田, 友梨

This paper provides information on Islamic manuscript libraries in regional India based on field research conducted by the author in March and August 2015.1 As pointed out by Omar Khalidi, many Islamic manuscripts are in India’s possession, as well as in the Middle East and Europe (Khalidi, 2002–2003: 1). However, from the author’s own experience, Islamic-studies scholars whose research target is not India do not visit the country. To support beginner research on India, this paper provides practical information in the tone of a travel guide book, and explains how to visit rural city libraries situated far from New Delhi, the Indian capital, and how to access the manuscripts in them. In addition to the research timeframe, the author visited several Indian libraries in 2011;2 these two visit periods revealed that four years is sufficient time for changes to the condition of the libraries (for example, publishing and digitization of manuscripts and catalogues are currently in progress). For these reasons, the information provided in this paper will be useful for more established researchers on India as well. Lists of manuscript libraries in India, and their catalogues, have already been provided by Khan( 1992) and Khalidi( 2002–2003; 2011). Following these publications, this guide will update the latest information on seven libraries in five local cities: Aligarh, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Patna, and Rampur.

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