Departmental Bulletin Paper ワ州基本法の研究―中国法との比較を通じて―(2)民法
The study of The basic law of the Wa state-A way to make a comparative study of Chinese law-( 2) Civil law

安田, 峰俊  ,  高橋, 孝治

The Wa state, what is called, “Revolutionary based area” which is not ruled by the government exists in Myanmar. They have own law, “the basic law of the Wa state” there. This report will introduce it and then wants to elucidate the social system of the Wa state. There are the circumstances of the space, so it will introduce only a Civil law and considers it whether the Wa state’s Civil law. It will study them by comparing Chinese rules, because the Wa state is affected by China. This report is second report of the basic law of the Wa state.

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