Departmental Bulletin Paper The Impact of an Active Equity Market: How vital for Asia?

Cho, Woojin  ,  Youn, Sajean

Through the various historical events within the global markets, a country where the equity market is on the rise is mostly recognized as an up-and-coming economy. Hence, the status of a country’s equity market is often considered the primary indicator of a country's economic strength and development. Thus, this paper attempts to identify the impact within an economy as a result of an active equity market, where of which based on empirical evidence indicates a stronger economic stance for the firm and the country in the long-run. Particularly as financial globalization accelerates under the“ globalization” theme, for developing Asia, the practice of an active equity market through the likes of IR (Investor Relations) seem to be the necessary critical mass in achieving competitiveness – South Korea being the largest beneficiary. In conclusion, the more globalization becomes a prerequisite to remain competitive, the more it is necessary for an emerging economy to pursue an active equity practice through credible IR activities (even for the likes of Japan, a developed market). Therefore, if governed well, the chance o maintain long term sustainable strategic positioning looks very plausible, which the theory of Marketing and of Strategy suggests as the ultimate goal f a competitive firm and economy.

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