Departmental Bulletin Paper 大仏次郎「仏蘭西人形」と河野通勢の挿絵
Jiro Osaragi’s“ French Doll”, and Illustration of Michisei Kouno

中沢, 弥

The 1920’s is the golden age of the illustration in a serialized newspaper novel. Illustrators with the brilliant talent, Shohachi Kimura as an example, was active. In 1932, Jiro Osaragi’s “French Doll”, serialized in “Jiji Shinpou”, Michisei Kouno drew an illustration. Kouno’ illustration is a superb in the portrayal of the human relations. Kiki, the heroine of this novel, her nickname come from Kiki de montparnasse, lover of the painters in Paris. This novel takes in a topic such as a movie and a popular song. The serialized newspaper novel and that illustration should be examined with such mass culture.

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