Departmental Bulletin Paper 介護福祉士養成課程における衣生活技術の教育方法について -ロールティッシュカバーの製作-
A study on the Educational Method Used to Train Care Workers in Sewing -Fabrication of the Roll Tissue Cover-

内田, 幸子  ,  薩本, 弥生  ,  雨宮, 邦子  ,  斉藤, 秀子

(16)  , pp.9 - 21 , 2017-03-31 , 高崎健康福祉大学
In this study, we practiced a class about the sewing skill as a subject by the production of the roll tissue cover for students registered at a care worker training course. We investigated questionnaires and examined the contents. We divided four hours in training in the care worker training course and could teach the fabrication of the roll tissue cover, and it was got the sewing skill that student should have learned. Therefore, we think it to be proper as a subject of the clothing training in the care worker training course. As a result of having carried out questionnaires to the students who took lectures, the satisfaction of the class was high. Furthermore, we developed an inclination to want to make use of skill of the sewing that students learned in the worksite for providing nursing care. We extracted five factors as a result that we took a factor analysis about interest degree for the sewing. On the basis of the result of this study, we want to examine the contents of this subject, a method in future.

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