Departmental Bulletin Paper Global Warming and the Game Theory
Global Warming and the Game Theory

島本, 憲一  ,  Kenichi, Shimamoto

6pp.88 - 96 , 2016-03-30 , 甲南大学マネジメント創造学部HSMR編集委員会
With the increase in carbon dioxide, there are a number of international initiatives to combat global warming. However, the cooperation cannot be described as adequate. This research applies the Game Theory in an attempt to analyse the mechanism of international cooperation concerning countermeasures for global warming. As a result, the research was able to confirm the existence of a Nash Equilibrium. Nonetheless, the Nash Equilibrium is found when the global warming countermeasure is achieved with each country working towards its own benefit. It was also identified that the welfare of society as a whole is lower than compared to the countermeasures for global warming when personal benefit is not taking into consideration to achieve the maximum benefit for society as a whole. When the international countermeasures for global warming is faced with a prisoner’s dilemma, as long as the discount rate is over a certain level in the repeated game, it was found that international cooperation is possible.

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