Departmental Bulletin Paper Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mobile Devices in a University Language Classroom

ロバート, シャテラン  ,  Chartrand, Robert

Advances in tablet computers and cell phone technology have greatly improved recentlyand such devices are now widely used. Language teachers have especially been interestedin using these devices as a means of providing learning opportunities. Reading onlinecontent from eBooks or the Internet, listening to music and watching videos are allactivities which support the learning of languages. There are, however, a number ofproblems that have arisen when using mobile learning in a language classroom. Thesmaller screen, for example, makes it difficult to read content and input text withthe online keyboard. Technical problems such as difficulty connecting the Internet,hardware failures and software issues are all common problems. Moreover, distractionsfrom students who do not stay focused on the assigned tasks are becoming a classroommanagement issue as well. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of using mobiledevices in a language classroom at a university setting are discussed in this paper.

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