Departmental Bulletin Paper 女子大学生のライフコース選択に及ぼす家族の影響についての研究
Family influence on life-course selection among female university students

手塚, 紀子  ,  古屋, 健

(8)  , pp.71 - 88 , 2017-03-31 , 立正大学心理学部
 National Institute of Population and Social Security Research defines women’s 5 life courses as follows; Full-time housewife,Return-to-work, Managing both work and family, DINKS, Single and working. For female university students, whichlife course is the ideal course and which life course they plan to lead? This study examines following three hypotheses asfactors influencing their choice. The first hypothesis is that mother’s life course selection tends to influence the life courseselection of female university students and to choose the same life course as their mothers. The second hypothesis is thatinternal psychological factors( ability, motivation, sense of value, sex role orientation, career orientation, etc.) of individualsaffects the life course selection. The third hypothesis is that the family( mother-daughter relationship, father-daughter relationship,expectation from parents, etc.) affects internal psychological factors of individuals. For questionnaire survey on168 female junior or senior students, multiple regression analysis and discriminant function analysis were used. As to thefirst hypothesis if mothers life course is managing both work and family course, the female students tend to predict theirfuture whether they will follow the same life course as their mothers. As to the second hypothesis career orientation, independentorientation and sex role orientation affect the selection. As to the third hypothesis good mother-daughter relationship,parents’ expectation of independence and mental independence from mother affect their life course selectionindirectly.

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