Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本語版Dickman Impulsivity Inventory の作成
Making the Japanese Version of the Dickman Impulsivity Inventory : A Study on the Reliability and Validity

小橋, 眞理子  ,  井田, 政則

(8)  , pp.63 - 70 , 2017-03-31 , 立正大学心理学部
 Dickman( 1990) proposed that there were two types of impulsivity, the Functional impulsivity( FI) and the Dysfunctionalimpulsivity (DI). He made the measure for the FI and the DI, and named it the Dickman Impulsivity Inventory(DII). In our previous study, we tried to make the Japanese version of the DII, but the result of its reliability and validityshowed that factor structure was slightly low. Therefore this study aimed at the making the Japanese Version of the DII,and was investigated the reliability and validity. 546 participants (male: 205, female: 341) took part in this research. Byexploratory factor analysis, we found two factors: FI( 8 items), DI( 8 items). By confirmatory factor analysis, the goodness-of-fit supported this model( RMSEA=.076, 90%CI=.068-.083; GFI=.902; AGFI=.871). We obtained high coefficient bythe test-retest reliability. In order to check construct validity, we examined relationship between these two factors andother personality measurements related to impulsiveness. We confirmed the construct validity. These results showed thatthe Japanese Version of the DII was good model and can be used as a measure for the FI and DI in Japan.

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