Departmental Bulletin Paper 援助要請スタイルと愛着および適切な援助要請行動の関連の検討

永井, 智

(15)  , pp.25 - 31 , 2017-03-21 , 立正大学心理学研究所
 The purpose of the present study was to examine effects of adult attachment on help-seeking stylesand effects of help-seeking styles on help-seeking adequacy. One hundred twenty-three university studentscompleted a questionnaire measuring help-seeking styles, help-seeking adequacy, help-seekinginadequacy and adult attachment. As the result of structural equation modeling, attachment anxietyshowed positive relations to excessive help seeking and avoidant help seeking. Attachment avoidanceshowed negative relations to self-directed help seeking and excessive help seeking, and positive relationsto avoidant help seeking. Moreover, excessive help seeking was positively related to help-seekinginadequacy, while self-directed help seeking and avoidant help seeking were positively related to helpseekingadequacy.

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