Departmental Bulletin Paper 青年期における自己成長を支える諸要因の検討 ―臨床心理の知を活かした自己理解とキャリア開発支援―

篠田, 晴男  ,  篠田, 直子

(15)  , pp.1 - 6 , 2017-03-21 , 立正大学心理学研究所
 Recently, the number of students with hidden disabilities such as psychological and developmentaldisorders has been increasing in Japan. In order to support these students as well as adolescents whohave similar problems, it is inevitable to promote their self-growth, and the present collaborative studyfocused specifically on the following three aspects: self-understanding, self-decision making, and selfadvocacyfrom the perspectives of clinical psychology. With the use of clinical and psychologicalapproaches such as clinical drawings, the questionnaire about traits and difficulties related to developmentaldisorders as well as the questionnaire on help-seeking behaviors/interventions, we haveattempted to identify latent needs related to self-understanding among students with disabilities andto implement interventions for their career development in this study. As a result, we were able toidentify some of the special latent needs in self-growth and effective clues for career development. Therelationship between traits related to developmental disorders and career decision-making was determinedwith a college sample without disabilities. Causal models of the influences of disability traits todecision making through emotional factors were examined with the analysis of covariance structure.Attention problems combined with emotional issues such as anxiety had an adverse effect on careerdecision-making. The results suggest that support for self-decision making is important in a transitionalsupport for employment.
 昨今、障害のある学生支援の展開からも、目にみえにくい障害とされる発達・精神障害のある、あるいは疑われる学生の増大が指摘されている。本共同研究では、このような学生を想定した支援に、自己成長の視点が欠かせないものと考え、自己にかかわる3 側面(自己理解・自己決定・自己援助希求)から臨床心理学的研究の手がかりを探索した。臨床描画、障害特性および困り感尺度、あるいは援助要請尺度によるアプローチにより、潜在的な自己理解支援ニーズを明らかにし、キャリア開発につながる援助的介入を試みた。本論では、その端緒として、学生の就労支援につながる、職業決定と障害特性との関連を明らかにするため、大学生を対象に、発達障害傾向が職業未決定に与える影響を比較検討した。ADHD、ASD いずれの傾向も注意の諸側面に関わる問題を介し間接的に作用し、さらに不安等の情緒的問題に修飾されることで、職業決定は一段と難しくなることが示唆された。よって、就労へつながる移行支援には自己決定プロセスへ認知・情緒面からの支援が重要となるものと考えられた。

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