Departmental Bulletin Paper 学校臨床心理実習システムの特徴の質的分析―臨床心理士養成大学院へのインタビュー調査から―

岡本, 淳子  ,  佐藤, 秀行  ,  金, 亜美  ,  水﨑, 光保

 In this study, we have interviewed 20 universities with psychology departments that have the postgraduate field training programs of clinical school counselling for more than a year to find out the currentsituation. The results of the study revealed that the field training programs are implementedthrough various channels, largely categorized into the following types: 1)counselling support to thelocal schools through the board of education; 2)counselling support to the individual students throughthe board of education on a paid basis; 3)counselling support to local schools on an agreement basiswith the principals; 4)counselling support to the local schools on the basis of an agreement betweenschool counsellor and the professor in charge; 5)counselling support to the affiliate schools. The studyenabled us to identify the benefits of the field training. The program participants were able to evidencethe changes in the students and the faculty of local schools through the counselling initiatives, todevelop the observation and clinical judgment skills through various experiences with the teachingprofessionals while being inspired, to understand the attitude of the students in developmental stagesand the impact of the surroundings such as friends, classmates and faculties, to acquire the expertisein identifying the needs of clinical counselling and to improve the communication skills in order tofacilitate the involvement in the organizational activities. The research also showed that the role of acoordinator is vital to maintain and sustain the successful operation of the field training program forgraduate students.

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