Departmental Bulletin Paper 人生デザイン理論の模索

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 We have explored the theorization of life designing in this study. The key concept of the theorizationis identity. The three basic elements that sustain living are“ health, economic power and purposeof life”. Many people start to recognize the importance of these elements as we grow older,especially on the“ purpose of life”. We have suggested four components of the“ purpose of life“: work,spare time, learning and love”. The cultural differences between East and West on the meaning oflove can be evidenced from the study. Western people emphasize philanthropism on others. On theother hand, orientals value guanxi to the particular people (for example, parents, brothers, mentorsand colleagues or friends). Two important theories that determine the direction of life, a careeranchor and carefully planned happenstance were suggested in this study. The attitudes of Ichiro, themajor leaguer, towards his play can be explained using these two theories. The study and the use ofthe theorization of life designing just began and it is important that researchers and managers concernedwith this work continue learning steadily.

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