Departmental Bulletin Paper 風景刺激を用いた単純接触効果

八木 , 善彦

 The mere exposure effect refers to the phenomenon where previous exposures to stimuli increasesubsequent affective preference for those stimuli. It has been indicated that with specific stimulus-category(i.e., paintings, matrices, and photographs of scene), repeated exposure has little or oppositeeffect on affective ratings. In this study, two experiments were conducted in order to explore theeffect of stimulus-category on the mere exposure effects. Photographs of young woman’s(Experiment1)and photographs of scene(Experiment 2)were used as stimuli. The experimental methods and affectiverating score for the stimuli as novel stimuli were almost equated between two experiments. Theresults showed that the repeated exposure increased affective ratings not only for the face stimuli butalso for the scene stimuli. More over, this could be seen across the type of scene(natural or artificial).

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