Departmental Bulletin Paper 新大学生用ソーシャルサポート尺度と精神的健康、援助要請スキルの関連についての研究

片受, 靖

(14)  , pp.65 - 70 , 2016-03-31 , 立正大学心理学研究所
 Effects of social support for mental health, and correlations between social support and help-seeking skills were investigated using the Social Support Scale for New College Students, developed by Katauke and Oonuki (2014). In Study Ⅰ , the effects of social support on mental health including depression and anxiety were examined. The results indicated that both depression and anxiety were negatively correlated with each sub-scale of social support. The inverse relationship between depression and informational/instrumental support revealed that the students with high depression did not receive sufficient informational/instrumental support and vice versa, whereas anxiety had a high negativecorrelation with appraisal support. It was revealed that the students having high anxiety did not receive sufficient appraisal support and vice versa. The above results, however, were different from the results of the previous study conducted on the factory workers by Katauke and Shoji (2000), which indicated that the workers receiving low emotional support had low depression and anxiety. This suggests the possibility that social support may have different effect on college students thanblue color workers depending on the situation resulting in different reactions. In Study Ⅱ, the correlations between social support and help-seeking skills were investigated. The subjects were divided into four groups based on their level of help-seeking skills and social support. A One-Way Analysis of Variance used to examine correlations between each group and mental health indicated that depression and anxiety in the group with high help-seeking skills and high social support were lower than the group with low help-seeking skills/ social support. Furthermore, mental health was not affected by these factors in the group with unbalanced help-seeking skills and social support.

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