Departmental Bulletin Paper 欲求充足によるwell-being測定の試み
An Attempt to Measure Human Well-being by Psychological Needs Satisfaction

井田, 政則  ,  法理, 樹里

(7)  , pp.1 - 11 , 2016-03-31 , 立正大学心理学部
 In this study, we attempted to measure human well-being by psychological needs satisfaction. We asked questionsregarding needs satisfaction level for 35-needs items. The results of an exploratory factor analysis indicated a three-factorstructure of needs satisfaction ; Factor1: personality-needs, Factor2 : relationship-needs, and Factor3 : sociality-needs.Each of these three factors showed statistically sufficient internal consistency. The results showed that all these factorswere significantly correlated with Satisfaction with Life Scale: SWLS, Interdependent Happiness Scale: IHS, and SelfesteemScale(over r =.30). Additionally, we did SEM( Structural Equation Model analysis) in order to check on the constructionthat makes up human well-being( χ2=4.62, p<.09 ; GFI=.99, AGFI=.92, CFI=.98, RMSEA=.08). Personality-needsfactor had a strong positive effect on HIS( β=.64, p<.001), but relationship-needs factor had a negative effect on IHS( β=-.16, p<.10). In addition, sociality-needs factor had a strong positive effect on self-esteem scale( β=.40, p<.001). Finally wediscuss about the reliability, the validity, and the usefulness of the“ psychological needs satisfaction” scale.

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