Departmental Bulletin Paper 友人関係における第一印象とその後の印象の変化について

高橋, 優希  ,  齊藤, 勇

(6)  , pp.89 - 99 , 2015-03-31
 The purpose of this study was to examine the first impressions seen in friendships, and the subsequent changes inimpressions after passage of time. The first impressions and the current impressions were simultaneously surveyed bycomparing cases with“ bad first impression, but is a good friend now” and“ good first impression, but is not friendly withnow.” The results showed that change in impressions influenced the relationship between friends. Gender differences wereobserved in the results. In evaluations of male friends, there was change in first impressions and current impressionsregarding earnestness and kindness, while evaluations of female friends, there was change regarding activeness and kindness.

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