Departmental Bulletin Paper 愛着傾向が青年期の人間関係に及ぼす影響について

小泉, 茅乃  ,  齊藤, 勇

(6)  , pp.75 - 88 , 2015-03-31
 The purpose of this study was to study the relevant three tendencies of attachment by applying Bowlby’s attachmenttheory to friendships and family relationships of university students. Specifically, the three attachment tendencies and therelationships with characteristics concerning parents such as trust, autonomy, loneliness, alienation and dependency weresurveyed. Results showed that students with low secure tendency felt strong loneliness and alienation; students with highavoidant tendency felt scared, lonely and not accepted in their interpersonal relationships. Students with strong ambivalenttendency showed that they were weak-willed and left out of groups.

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