Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護コミュニケーション尺度作成の試み―看護スタッフおよび患者・家族に対する看護師のコミュニケーション―

中谷, 章子  ,  井田, 政則

(6)  , pp.53 - 66 , 2015-03-31
 This study aimed to develop two types of communication skills scales for nursing( CSN): one for nursing-staff( CSN1),and one for patients and their families( CSN2). We investigated the factors concerning communication skills in nursing,and then examined their reliability and their validity. We created 24-items for each scale by pilot surveys, and surveyed293 nurses working for hospitals by preliminary CSN1 and CSN2 proposals. CSN1 was found to be comprised of five subscales:“Understanding for nursing-staff”,“ Compassion for nursing-staff”,“ Collaboration in nursing”,“ Information sharing innursing”, and “Friendly attitudes”. We also found CSN2 to be comprised of two subscales: “Forming credibility” and“Forming support”. Both their reliability and their validity were considered to be ensured (CSN1: α=.89, r=.55~.63,p<.01, CSN2: α=.96, r=.47~.57, p<.01). Also, we examined re-tests among 58 nurses, and their reliability were consideredto be ensured CSN1 r=.71, CSN2 r=.79, p<.01). The results of this study are a matter of great importance in nurses’communication. The new measures can be used in research, education for nursing students and clinical nurses.

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