Departmental Bulletin Paper 顔パーツ配置の差異による顔印象の検討

九島, 紀子  ,  齊藤, 勇

(6)  , pp.35 - 52 , 2015-03-31
 This study utilized the two dimensions of maturity and sexual dimorphism as standards for female faces, in order tostudy the effects of difference of facial features on interpersonal impressions. An illustration of a prototype face was firstmade, then only the positions of the features were altered, in order to make four faces with differing degrees of maturityand sexuality. As a result of examining whether the faces were identified as faces with different impressions, it was determinedthat the five faces prepared in this study conveyed different impressions reflecting sexuality and gender characteristics,which was due only to the difference of the position of facial features, without changing the facial featuresthemselves.

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