Departmental Bulletin Paper 三段階要請技法について

川名, 好裕

(6)  , pp.13 - 19 , 2015-03-31
 The three step request making techniques were proposed combining Foot-in-the-door technique and Door-in-the-facetechnique. One three step request technique is the Foot-on-the-face procedure which first makes large request, then smallrequest, finally middle size request. The other three step request technique is the Foot-in-the-door-in-the-face procedurewhich first makes small request, then large request, finally middle size request. The acceptance rates of the middle size were compared among the single request making(control condition), the foot-inthe-door, the door-in-the-face, the foot-on-the-face and the foot-in-the-door-in-the face. The foot-in-the-door-in-the-face procedureproved to be the most effective request-making technique. While, the foot-on-the-face procedure was worst, therequest acceptance was almost the same as the single request making. The reasoning of the difference of acceptance rates was discussed theoretically.

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