Departmental Bulletin Paper 樹木画2 枚施行法における主観的印象の検討

佐藤, 秀行

(13)  , pp.25 - 33 , 2015-03-21
 The objective of this study was to examine the validity of the “twice-application method of treedrawing technique”, by using the impression evaluation of the subjects based on the S-D method. Thefindings from the impression evaluation and the tree drawing test performed on 84 subjects( 37 menand 47 women) were as follows: the first drawings as compared to the second were more focused andconcise, drawn with greater control. The study also revealed that tree drawing technique indicesrelated to the“ energy factors” were: trunk width, crown spread and the differentiation of branches. Inaddition, the “control factors” were seemingly associated with the naked branches, distortion of thetrunk and the tilting of the tree.

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