Departmental Bulletin Paper 商店街に対する態度と購買意識の類型別にみた個人の社会的資源

髙橋, 尚也  ,  川上, 善郎  ,  川浦, 康至

(13)  , pp.15 - 24 , 2015-03-21
 The purpose of this study was to analyze the feature of cognition to the past local experience asindividual nostalgia, cognition about the present inhabitable area, social network, and the degree ofconversation required according to the type of the purchase consciousness and the attitude againstlocal shopping street. The 1 st and 3rd cluster was people who make the area the social network and theplace of information gathering in addition to using the consumptive place. The 2 nd cluster was peoplewho seldom have a social network. The 4 th cluster was a layer which is hesitating to participate in thearea except the meal in a local restaurant. In people with a thin social network with the present weakfunction of local shopping street like the 2nd-4th cluster, it became clear that the relation of the cognitionin the past area and the cognition about the present area is especially easy to be found.

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