Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学院生による学校臨床心理実習の活動指針作成の試み―学校臨床心理実習6 年間の実践から―

岡本, 淳子  ,  佐藤, 秀行

(13)  , pp.1 - 8 , 2015-03-21
 The main objective of this study was to design the activity standards for the graduate students whoare taking the field training program of school clinical psychologist at the local schools. In designingthe standard activities, the daily field reports of the trainees were compiled and reviewed along withthe guidance logs by their supervising professors over the period of 6 years. Some of the publishedreports written by the students of other graduate schools were also used as the source. We reviewedand analyzed the information to itemize the activities resulting in a total of 490 different activities conductedby the trainees. With the use of KJ method, these data were categorized to 3 levels: 87 3rdlevel activities, 31 2nd level and 10 major classifications which include the following: the activities pertainingto the training environment( the involvement with the children, faculty and parents); administrativework (bureaucratic coordination of activities); and, those related to clinical psychology. Thecategorization process enabled us to separate the constant factors(e.g. 10 major activities), not influencedby the variables such as the quality level of the students and changing environment as staffrelocation(faculty) loosing the communication channel to set the standard activities that will guide thefuture trainees and supervising professors as well as the local schools with low awareness of clinicalrole for the efficient and fruitful program.

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