Departmental Bulletin Paper 外国人家庭・国際結婚家庭の子育てにおける母語の保持 -国内外の事例を中心に-

栗田, 七重  ,  鈴木, 庸子

(60)  , pp.103 - 109 , 2018-03-31 , 国際基督教大学 , International Christian University
 Authors have been involved with International Mothers Chatting Party (IMCP), which is the parenting support for international mothers with infants and babies, with the idea of mother tongue preservation. This paper centers on reporting the overview of the international and national efforts of mother tongue preservation in parenting through document investigation aiming to find suggestions for our actions. After outlining the background of mother tongue preservation, we will introduce the efforts by UNESCO, the example of the Early Years Center in Toronto, Canada, and the activities of American National Heritage Language Resource Center as international efforts. Then we will examine mother tongue support born of Japanese language education for juveniles and mutual assistance by foreign residents in Japan.

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