Departmental Bulletin Paper 思春期グループセラピーの基礎技法-マニュアル-

西村, 馨

(59)  , pp.159 - 168 , 2017-03-31 , 国際基督教大学 , International Christian University
思春期グループセラピーの実践のためのマニュアルを作成した。グループ運営に関する事柄,すなわち,グループのデザイン,すなわちメンバーのニードに合わせたグループ目的と内容の具体例,メンバー選定と導入の手続き,セッションの構造を例示した。続いて,思春期グループで必須の活動の意義と具体例,用い方の一般的原則に触れた。グループの作用機序とセラピープロセスについて整理し,安全感の醸成から個人課題の扱いへの深まりのプロセスを描いた。そして技法の基盤となるセラピストに求められる機能,役割,姿勢,基本的なスキルをまとめた。基礎技法として,自己表現や相互作用を活発化させる体験促進の基礎技法について,続いて,その体験を振り返って,知識に統合していく認知的処理の基礎技法を整理した。最後に,それらの技法をグループ発達位相に応じて適切に用いていくための留意点を指摘した。The author demonstrated a manual for practice of adolescent group therapy. The first part of the manual included management issues, such as group design, aims and contents of group that are designated due to potential members’ needs, intake process, such as member selection and including procedure, and structure of a group session. The second part included the significance of therapeutic activities, a list of examples, and general principles for their use. The third part described the mechanisms of action and therapy process of group, including a process from creating a sense of safety to working with individual difficulties. Therapist’s functions, roles, and attitudes were followed in tandem with basic skills. The final part included two areas of basic techniques; facilitation of experience to activate self-expression and members’ interaction, and facilitation of processing to integrate group experiences into knowledge. Also some notes for adequate use of those techniques in accordance with group development were pointed out.

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