Departmental Bulletin Paper 韓国の『教育課程』にみられる「キャリア・進路教育」に関する考察

金, 泰勲

(59)  , pp.139 - 148 , 2017-03-31 , 国際基督教大学 , International Christian University
本稿は,韓国におけるキャリア教育を『改訂教育課程』を中心に考察したもので,ことに新たに設けられた「創造的な活動時間」を通して児童・生徒のキャリアの現状について取り上げたものである。なかでもキャリア教育の実践のために新設された「創造的な活動」ではキャリア教育が如何に行われているのか,学校ではどのようなカリキュラムを編成しているのか,児童・生徒が自らのキャリアの開発ができるようにどのような施策が行われているのか,について考察したものである。考察の結果,これからの課題として中学校と高校では創意的な活動時間だけでなく,いまよりさらに他の教科との連携及び実践的であり,かつ体系的なキャリア体験活動の教育課程を設ける必要があると言える。In this study, we examined schemes of performing career education through the reorganization of curriculum for students, for which we reviewed plans to prepare curriculum based on both essential achievement standards and key competencies, to perform career education through the creative experiences, to form a career education network between school, home and social community and to activate it. Thus, the current study showed the following results. For the promotion of the recognition of career development through systematic career education, an ability to develop career should be considered key competence. This should also be accompanied by the reorganization of curriculum education essential achievement standards as well as the extraction of achievement criteria associated with an ability to develop career. Thus, this will eventually contribute to raising the degree of students’ recognition of career development. To ensure that students should be given a variety of experiences with career in a real school setting, the domain of career activities for the creative experiences, introduced from the 2009’s revision of curriculum, may be actively used. For the effective career coaching, it is mandatory to form a network between school, home and social community. Based on the above results, we propose the following schemes of performing career education through the reorganization of curriculum for school students. It also is necessary to enhance teachers’ ability to reorganize curriculum. It is necessary to implement programs by which experienced-based creative activities are guaranteed.

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