Departmental Bulletin Paper Narratives in Language Learning Research: Developing a Reflexive Framework

宮原, 万寿子

(59)  , pp.87 - 104 , 2017-03-31 , 国際基督教大学 , International Christian University
 ナラテイブの研究アプローチを使った語学教育の研究は近年,非常に増えている傾向にある。ただし,ナラテイブ研究における分析方法は必ずしも語学教育の分野では十分に追求されておらず,理論化がまたれる状態である。本稿では学習者のL2 アイデンテイテイ構成を探った研究データを使用し,reflexivity(再帰性)を柱にナラテイブの一つの分析方法を提案するものである。
 Despite the proliferation of narrative studies in the area of language learning research, methodological issues that emerge in the research process, particularly, ideas and practices relating to analyzing and reporting narrative data are areas that still warrant much discussion. Using data collected from a study that offers a unique perspective on the understanding of the process of L2-identity construction and development (Miyahara, 2104, 2015), this article argues the importance for researchers to develop and establish a space for critical and reflective thinking throughout all phases of the research process. The article concludes by presenting an analytical model for narrative studies that features reflexivity as its prime component.

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