Departmental Bulletin Paper A Summative Evaluation of Internationalization of Japanese Faculty Members Through Their International Cooperation Project Participation

平塚, 広義

(59)  , pp.31 - 47 , 2017-03-31 , 国際基督教大学 , International Christian University
 現在の日本の大学の国際化研究では,特に以下の2 つのトピックでさらに分析を必要としている:①大学教員の国際化の課題と,②多様な国際化政策の評価研究である。本研究では,大学教員の国際協力事業への参加と,その経験からくる大学教員の研究教育活動の国際化への影響を分析することを目指した。質的研究方法として本研究をデザインし,評価研究として本研究を実施した。結論として,国際協力事業は,大学教員の国際的側面の統合で国際化に貢献したが,異文化的側面の統合の国際化には,疑問点が残ったことから,さらにこの側面に焦点を当てた研究を行う必要性があることが導かれた。
 A disconnect between internationalization and faculty members’ scholarship, and a lack of analysis of diverse internationalization policies at the national level are the two main issues when studying internationalization of higher education in Japan today. The study focused on remedying the existing issues by looking at the internationalization of Japanese faculty members through their participation in international cooperation projects funded by the Japanese government’s Overseas Development Assistance (ODA). Formulated as a qualitative summative evaluation project, the study used Qualitative Content Analysis as the main analytical framework, and used an interview as the main data collection method. In addition, the study gathered available public documents such as the final project report as supplemental data in order to triangulate its analysis. The author attempted to utilize available qualitative strategies to maintain methodological validity. The analysis showed the integration of the international dimension by Japanese faculty members, but their integration of the intercultural dimension was less obvious. The study concludedthat the internationalization of Japanese faculty members’ scholarship through international cooperation projects became evident only in the international dimension integration, and that identifying the challenges of the integration of the intercultural dimension into their scholarship requires further research.

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