Departmental Bulletin Paper Letting Google do the Heavy Lifting – An Introduction to, and Review of Google Classroom

Smith, Guy

30pp.1 - 8 , 2016 , International Christian University the Division of Languages
In the spring of 2015, International Christian University (ICU) changed its internal web mail service to Gmail, in the process becoming an educational domain as part of Google Apps For Education (GAFE). With this move, some applications not available in a general Gmail account have become available to instructors at the university. The recent widespread implementation and use of Goggle Apps in the educational sphere here in Japan means applications such as Google Drive,Google Forms and others have become relatively well recognized and utilized in the educational community. However, as of the present, few instructors at ICU are familiar with Google Classroom, one of the newly available applications offered to instructors as part of the educational domain. In my exploratory trial of Google Classroom as a classroom management tool over the ICU Spring Semester, I hale found it requires a short learning curve, and further, to offer many advantages in allowing teachers to reduce time spent on routine class management. Thus, the purpose of this article is to introduce the reader to Google Classroom, providing context for Google Classroom in the history of GAFE: and offering an overview of the applications and educational uses, in the prospect of spreading awareness and understanding of this digital tool.

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