Departmental Bulletin Paper 活動集団療法における甘えのあり方と情動調整機能の発達

木村, 能成  ,  那須, 里絵  ,  西村, 馨

58pp.33 - 43 , 2016-03-31 , 国際基督教大学 , International Christian University
This study aims to reveal the possibility of Activity Group Therapy which we have conducted by considering the psychological changes that were observed in one of the members. In Activity Group Therapy, some children considered to be “psychologically normal” reveal their psychological problems and work on their inner growth through playing in the group. This seems a unique feature of the Activity Group Therapy, not seen in the group that are “problem solving oriented group” or “psychological education oriented group”. Thus, in this paper, children’s psychological development can be promoted by “Amae (an attempting of a person to make an authority people, like parents, therapists, teachers or supervisor, take care of him/her) experience” and peer relationship in the group is suggested. Also, in this paper, it is suggested that children who seem to be “psychologically normal” sometimes have serious problems in affect regulation, and it is possible that Activity Group Therapy can offer the opportunity to develop psychologically for “normal” children who have difficulties in their affect regulation.

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