Departmental Bulletin Paper Measuring Service Quality in the Hospitality Industry: A Case Study in Hue City, Vietnam

Le, Ngoc Liem  ,  Inaba, Yushi

This research is a study on service quality in the hospitality industry in the context of a developing country. The key purposes of this study are twofold. First, it examines the conceptualization and measurement of service quality in the hotel setting. Second, the relationships between service quality, customer satisfaction, and repurchase intention are taken into considerations. The findings from this study confirm that there are three determinants affecting statistically on service quality including responsiveness and caring, tangibles and caring, and safety and convenience. Also, the results of this study suggests that both service quality and customer satisfaction have direct significant effect on repurchase intention. Furthermore, it reveals that either service quality or customer satisfaction is the antecedent of the other and vice versa. Still, the indirect of service quality through customer satisfaction on repurchase intention is stronger than that one of the direct effect; that suggests customer satisfaction playing a mediating role in the effect of service quality on repurchase intention. Finally, some conclusions and theoretical and practical implications, and limitations are generated.

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