Departmental Bulletin Paper The Current Discussion on the so-called Deuteronomistic History: Literary Criticism and Theological Consequences

Römer, Thomas C.

 This article deals with the current debate about the so-called“Deuteronomistic History” (DtrH). It presents the different positions inOld Testament scholarship and argues for a model that takes into accountas many observations as possible brought forward by the tenants ofdifferent positions. An analysis of Deut 12 shows that there is indeedevidence that one should distinguish in the dtr edition of the books fromDeuteronomy to Kings three main layers and eras: a first dtr edition in the7th century BCE, a second revision dealing with the problems of thedestruction of the Temple in Jerusalem during the 6th century and a lastrevision in the first half of the Persian period in a segregationistperspective. This threefold edition can also be detected in three differentconclusions of the DtrH. When Deuteronomy was cut off from thefollowing books in order to become the conclusion of the Pentateuch, itunderwent a redaction that emphasizes its function as the last book of theTorah.

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