Departmental Bulletin Paper Interpreting at the Olympics:A Survey of the Literature and Interview

大野, 直子  ,  栗原, 朋之

57pp.129 - 136 , 2015-03-31 , 国際基督教大学
Many types of interpreters are at work during the Olympic Games. With Tokyo selected as the host city of the 2020 Summer Olympics, interpretation in this arena will become an increasingly relevant topic for Japan. This paper explores interpreting experiences in previous Olympics and offers suggestions for providing better interpretation in Tokyo in 2020. We conducted a survey of the literature and an interview in order to review the experiences of interpreters. We reviewed information including interpreter types,interpreting mode, interpreter recruitment and training, and working environments. Results from the survey and interview showed a consistency in interpreter types and interpretation mode. The literature also showed that official interpreters at the Olympics performed both as conference and dialogue interpreters, while unofficial (volunteer) interpreters mainly worked as dialogue interpreters, and sometimes assumed other roles. Working environments for interpreters varied. Regarding recruiting and training, whilst our survey showed that there were written tests and interviews for hiring interpreters, and training workshops were held, the interviewee had already worked as a professional interpreter but had taken no tests for interpreting and training. A number of suggestions were presented in these studies, including preparing telephone interpreting services, offering an appropriate interpreting test, providing various types of training, a realtime information database, and a support community. With input and lessons from previous Olympics, appropriate preparation will make the 2020 Tokyo Olympics more fruitful for athletes, guests, and interpreters.本研究の目的は,過去のオリンピックにおける通訳の事例を調査し,その調査結果を通じて,来たる東京五輪においてより良い言語・通訳サービスが提供されるように提言を行うことである。先行論文の検索とインタビューにより,通訳者の種類,通訳の形式,通訳者の雇用,通訳者の訓練,通訳者の労働環境などにかかわる情報を抽出した。五輪公式通訳者は会議通訳者およびダイアローグ通訳者として業務に従事したことが示された。さらに,通訳者の種類,通訳の形式は文献検索と質問紙調査結果で一致していた。研究結果からの提言には,電話通訳サービスの準備,適切な通訳試験の実施,多様な手段を使用した訓練,リアルタイムの情報データベース,サポートコミュニティの提供が挙げられる。提言に基づき準備を行うことで,2020年東京大会が競技者,来訪者,そして通訳者にとって実り多いものになることが期待される。

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