Departmental Bulletin Paper A New Framework for Ethics and Economics

Alvey, James E.

(79)  , pp.123 - 142 , 2015-03-31 , 国際基督教大学
This article is devoted to developing a new “ethics and economics” framework. Much of the article consists of a summary of Amartya Sen’s critique of mainstream economics and his constructive alternative. Second, I will spell out my own framework, which expands on that of Sen’s.The framework in this article has six themes taken from Sen. Its foundation is an ethics-related view of motivation. Much of the framework would not make sense without this starting point. Sen is one of the founders of the Capability approach to economics. I have included two themes here in order to clarify his notion of distributive justice: 1) functionings and capabilities; and 2) social achievement. In addition to these central features, Sen also tries to incorporate three other considerations: agency; freedom; and rights. Together, these six items show the considerable pluralism in Sen’s approach to ethics and economics.I have added to this list two themes from my book (Alvey, 2011): “just price” and ethical methodology. Finally, I have added an entirely new theme: global achievement. Overall, I have developed an expanded framework of ethics and economics covering a total of nine themes.The expanded framework embodies pluralism and complexity. It can be used in various ways, including the evaluation of social states, policies, and ideas. I intend to use this expanded framework in the near future to evaluate a major thinker in the history of economic thought: Adam Smith.

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