Departmental Bulletin Paper Human rights in japanese literature a guide to incorporating human-rights based literature into humanities and social sciences curricula
日本文学における人権 人文学と社会学の教育課程へ文学を基にした 人権を組み込むためのガイド

TANAKA, Kathryn  ,  タナカ, キャサリン

3pp.079 - 089 , 2017-03-31 , 大手前大学国際教育インスティテュート
In this essay, I describe the ways in which Japanese human rights literature can be incorporated into diverse courses in the humanities and social sciences. It introduces studies into the concept of human rights and debates about what constitutes them before discussing the role of literature as part of human rights struggles. It also explores the concept of literature as personal and its connections to social and political action, and how lessons centered on literary texts can teach us about human rights and social justice.

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