Departmental Bulletin Paper 学習支援センターにおける支援事例から自主学習支援のあり方を考える
A study about the development of self-regulated learners : case studies from the learning support center at Otemae University

寺田, 未来  ,  池村, 優一  ,  柏原, 康人  ,  福嶋, ゆい  ,  中川, 和亮  ,  中島, 梓  ,  Miki, TERADA  ,  Yuichi, IKEMURA  ,  Yasuto, KASHIHARA  ,  Yui, FUKUSHIMA  ,  Kazuaki, NAKAGAWA  ,  Azusa, NAKAJIMA

In this paper, we discuss the development of self-regulated learners based on cases reported by tutors. It is the purpose of the Otemae University learning support center to facilitate the self-regulation of a learner. In one-to-one interaction between students and tutors, five tutors reported experiences about what kind of change happened and what kind of growth could be seen. In addition, we examine what kind of difficulties were present, and why the difficulty was caused.

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