Departmental Bulletin Paper ルーブリックを活用したライティング・チェック・システムの構築
The establishment of the 'Writing Check System' using rubrics

石毛, 弓  ,  寺田, 未来  ,  西尾, 信大  ,  Yumi, ISHIGE  ,  Miki, TERADA  ,  Nobuhiro, NISHIO

This is a report on the writing check system (WCS) at the learning support center of Otemae University during the past eighteen months. The procedure of WCS is as follows: 1) a student sends his/her writing through a web form (written in Japanese), 2) the learning support centre staff check the writing, 3) the staff returns the writing to the student by email. Following this procedure, rubrics are used for evaluation. The benefit of the WCS is that students are not required to actually visit the center, but can send their writing and receive advice on improving it.

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