Departmental Bulletin Paper 正課外活動団体加入学生の学修に関する考察

吉川, 博行  ,  Hiroyuki, YOSHIKAWA

大学教育において学生の成長を促すための様々な取り組みがある中、筆者はこれまで課外活動加入の有無に着目し、これとGPA(Grade Point Average)との関連に基づいて学修についての考察を行ってきた(吉川2014)。本稿ではこれまでの研究を踏まえ、大手前大学に所属する学生の公認課外活動団体加入の有無を背景に、前年度との比較検証を行うとともに、入試種別による学修状況も報告する。
Currently the university is working to improve students’ academic motivation with a variety of educational methods. This report discusses the learning patterns of college students who belong to extracurricular activities in Otemae University. Although there is much focus on the GPA scale, there are in fact a variety of indexes to measure student growth. This article clarifies the way in which growth can be measured in university students and the impact of extracurricular activities on learning.

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