Departmental Bulletin Paper English education and social activism in Japan : The Nagashima project and English translation as praxis
日本における英語教育と社会活動 -長島プロジェクトと英語翻訳の実習について

TANAKA, Kathryn  ,  SHERIDAN, Robert  ,  TAMUTA, Tomohisa  ,  OZAKI, Koji  ,  SHIKATA, Yoshiaki  ,  キャサリン, タナカ  ,  ロバート, シェリダン  ,  朋久, 田村  ,  耕司, 尾崎  ,  啓暉, 四方

2pp.39 - 57 , 2016-03-31 , 大手前大学国際教育インスティテュート
This paper aims to demonstrate the relevance of educating university students through direct participation in projects promoting social activism and documents how a service-learning project to Nagashima Aisei-en set and successfully achieved goals. This project provided authentic opportunities for students in translation and community service and this paper reports the difficulties, successes and lessons learned - in addition to the moral and educational merits. The visit to Nagashima was instrumental in building problem solving, and critical thinking skills in addition to developing teamwork. Futhermore, students assisted Nagashima Aisei-en, Japan's first national Hansen's disease hospital, in their mission to gain UNESCO World Heritage Site Status through the translation of documents and brochures into English, encouraging English speakers to visit Nagashima and learn of its history, relenvance and global importance.

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